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Automatically (re)set status to On Track when a goal is Completed within the target quarter
Story: As a user I want the "Status" of a KR to be set to "On Track" when I Close a KR as "Completed" so that I no longer see it as something requiring attention during OKR review meetings. Discussion: Currently, if a KR Status was set to Behind or At-Risk, and a user forgets to change the status in the last Check-In before Closing the goal, the Status remains as it was (Behind or At-Risk). This defeats the ability to use Status/color of KRs as a way to flag KRs for focus during OKR reviews (since it flags for discussion a KR that is complete). The User Story only talks about changing Status when Closing as Complete. However, EVEN IF a KR is closed as Partial, Missed, or Dropped, there is still a strong case it is no longer Behind or At Risk, and the status of those should (also) be changed to On-Track. I acknowledge that leaving the KR Status as it was prior to being marked Closed provides some record of the history of the KR. However, since TheNorth provides Check-in / Completion history as an explicit feature, there is little value in maintaining the Status as Behind or At-Risk, given that doing so means the KR will continue to draw unneeded attention during KR reviews. As a footnote, if you have some reason you feel this shouldn't happen automatically, I would be happy with a solution where I'm prompted (as a user) for what I WANT the KR status to be set to IF I'm closing a KR that is either Behind or At-Risk while being Closed.
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